Ethical Issues In End Of Life

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I started having some complications at six months of my first pregnancy and due to those complications I had to terminate my pregnancy at 6 months. When I read this saying, I felt very emotional and it made me cried. I remembered the time when I found out that I will not able to carry this baby anymore. I was angry and very sad. After the procedure, I was in guilt and in denial. I cried a lot. I remembered sitting down with my husband and my parents and I talked to them about how I feel. I let my emotions came out. After talking to them and expressing myself I felt much better. I felt much lighter in my heart. After that I decided that I am not going to cry anymore, I will take this as a good memory and will remember my baby rest of my life. He will be part of my life forever. The baby stuff that I bought for my baby I donated at…show more content…
The topic End of life really helped me identify different attitudes about death and dying. This module also make me aware the services and care that is available at the end of life. Espically, I really enjoyed reading the article, “Difficulties in managing the pain at the end of life”. According to Panke (2002), nurses can support/help patients to manage their pain through regular assessment, intervention planning and administration of pharmacologic and nonpharmalogical treatments. In the module 4 the article, “ Ethics: Ethical Challenges in the Care of Elderly Persons” was very iinformative to read. According to Ludwick & Silva (2003), ethics is a important part when taking care of older adults. Nurses should acknowledge and respectful of patient’s wishes when making decision regarding the interventions need to be implement in taking care of the older adults. Agesim play a very important role when it comes to decision

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