The Pros And Cons Of Fast Fashion

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Vrinda Vardhan- Editor in chief

Editor’s note

In the past couple of years, the fashion industry of the world has seen the use and application of terms such as “ Being Ethical, Being Sustanable, Being Ecological”. These words have been so overused in the past couple of years that they have resulted in the creation of a cloud of confusion rather than creating certainities.
We have now reached an era where the quesyion that rises is, "How did this world end up in an era where we have to now define and give a certificate to things that should be normal and applied?”
To undo this, the first step is to get our hands on what the definition of unsustainable or as most commonly called, “fast fashion” is. This whole realm of fast fashion is a fairly new occurrence. This new realm has caught us with an very vague obsession and mainly an addiction to the circle of micro trends in the industry. Clothes are just disposed away with start of a new season all in the name of the democratization of fashion.

The reality to this is that not only are the consumers are being
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Ethical fashion represents an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing, which maximizes benefits to people and communities while minimizing impact on the environment. In today’s world there are so many ethical issues that are spread across various industries. Each industry right from every simple product we consume has some contribution towards the harm in terms of nature and the planet. But the question that arises is “Is nature the only element that is being harmed by these unethical issues?” In addition, who will arrest the unhealthy trend being set by size zero or the fad of body enhancements? The sexualisation of children; the environmental claims or even the violent imagery that some fashion advertisements use for promotion.;– all are even frightening at

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