Ethical Issues In Gattaca The Movie

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The movie Gattaca is set up in the fictional not-too-distant future. The not-too-distant future is a society in which eugenics are the dictating ideology and genetic discrimination is real. The use of biometric based on the genetic database registry has helped create two categories of people; the ‘valids’ and the ‘invalids’. The ‘valids’ are those individual who are created based on the choices of the biometrics and are seen as actually being superior that the invalids who have been conceived by tradition la means and are regarded as having a higher likelihood of developing genetic disorders. Genetype profiling is significantly applied in identification of valids for purposes of quality employment with the invalids being subjected to those lower quality jobs. Vincent Freeman is conceived as an invalid and is regarded to have an estimated lifespan of just 30.2 years and the probability of many disorders. Vincent’s parents out of the frustration and regret decide to have their next child through genetic selection and this led to the birth of Anton; an invalid. Vincent and Anton grew together and they would regularly play a competitive game of ‘chicken where they would swim into the sea and he who returns first to the shore being labeled the loser.…show more content…
Today, genetic selection has become a reality and it is being applied widely as a case for selective abortion. Today,. A majority of parents are insisting on genetic selection to determine the health status of their child, their mental and cognitive capabilities before birth and thus utilize this as a justification for retaining a pregnancy or conducting what is widely being labeled as selective abortion. The case of recombinant DNA is fast gaining pace in animal and plant genetic engineering and the possibility of being applied in humans is rapidly gaining
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