Legal And Ethical Issues In Geriatric Care Essay

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LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN ELDER Ethics is the science: - relation to moral action and one’s value system. Ethics which promotes the philosophical and theological study of morality, night, standards. The most common legal and ethical issues in geriatric care are the identification, analysis and resolve of moral problems which occurs during geriatric care. Although the approach to resolution of these issues is same for all age groups, the physiologic and social reserves of the elderly place them at greater risk of adverse outcomes. The fact that the elderly often lack the support of family and friends makes them especially vulnerable to the automatic and sometimes deviation of their systematic health. So elderly…show more content…
Autonomous people are capable for decision making and problem solving. Loss of autonomy & independence is a real fear among older people. A nurse has the responsibility to encourage the older person’s autonomy in any way possible. This can be done by supervision and education of staff to listen & allow the person time to make choices and discussion with their relatives about what is occurring and in which way they can enhance the older person’s autonomy. Freedom:- The older people should have greater freedom of choice nation’s health care system. The nurse can follow the principle during planning of patient care. Beneficence: - It refers to duty to do good. It states that a person is obliged to help others to advance their legitimate and important interests. It requires the balancing of benefits & harms. The nurse should provide the care to the elders by interventions which need to balance the benefits with risk. Nonmaleficence:-It states that one should do no harm. But this principle is difficult to follow every nurse during various procedures. So whenever the nurses are care for elderly or do any procedure that induce discomfort and pain, should try to reduce this pain and

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