Ethical Issues In Geriatric Care

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LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN ELDER Ethics is the science: - relation to moral action and one’s value system. Ethics which promotes the philosophical and theological study of morality, night, standards. The most common legal and ethical issues in geriatric care are the identification, analysis and resolve of moral problems which occurs during geriatric care. Although the approach to resolution of these issues is same for all age groups, the physiologic and social reserves of the elderly place them at greater risk of adverse outcomes. The fact that the elderly often lack the support of family and friends makes them especially vulnerable to the automatic and sometimes deviation of their systematic health. So elderly may requires some special challenges, it is unfair to make assumption about a person’s abilities or needs based on age alone. Rather physician should asses each elderly patient individually and deligates treatment option accordingly. Physician must advocate for their patients ethical interests and legal rights, especially in the medical context, about which patients are often ill- informed or misled. Ethical principles:- There are most widely accepted principles that characterized by ethical concern of clinical practices for geriatric are- Respect: - Respect for elders not only in clinical situations but also to all life situations. By respect the elders come feel their dignity and common human destiny. The

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