Ethical Issues In Global Environment

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Overall, globalization can be considered as the broadening, strengthening and growing force of a global interconnection. The conception of globalization has made it possible to map experiential patterns of worldwide relations and linkage of human activity from cultural to military.
As companies expand globally, they need to understand how to compete successfully in each marketplace. Companies need to assess each local opportunity and market and understand the related influences on the customers. As companies discover new international markets, they must also face new workplace challenges, such as selecting appropriate overseas personnel and building and maintaining cross-cultural teams.

When a company decides to go global,
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I can also get real-world college experience because I get to have interactions like this forum with peers and instructors as if we were in a classroom sitting together. Since the invention and implementation of the World Wide Web, we can also shop online, communicate in real time with friends and family from our very own living room globally, share information speedily through social media, email and so on.
What special ethical issues me be considered in a global environment?
An ethical and socially responsible perspective involve the consideration of morality, rewards, and responsibilities, attitudes toward work and attitudes towards people living and working around us. Every company exists within the larger environment. The extent to which the company interacts with the surrounding environment is considered its social responsibility. This includes a responsibility to society at large examples charity, addressing public, health issues, donation, protecting the environment.
How is competitive advantage built and maintain under
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Educating oneself about the customs and business etiquette of the country in which you are conducting business is also important. Sustaining competitive advantage means being attuned not just to the consumer wants, but also to the emerging technologies, control regulations, etc.

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