Ethical Issues In Good Will Hunting

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Good Will Hunting is a movie released in 1997 directed by Gus Van Sant. The movie progresses around Will Hunting (Matt Damon), M.I.T janitor who has mathematical talent. Despite possessing this talent, Will had been living his life in no direction. In order to guide Will into the right way, he was introduced to psychologist by the name of Sean Maguire (Robin Williams). Helping Will overcome his fear and cope with the world is the main plot of the movie. In this report I will be discussing about reasons that enable Robin to connect to Matt, fear that restraint Matt from connecting to the world, my view of Robin's approach for Matt's case, and ethical considerations. Matt Damon had met 5 psychologists before meeting Robin Williams, none…show more content…
Before meeting with any psychologist Matt Damon would read their work and use this information to foul mouth them during the session. Matt Damon did the same thing with Robin William, during the session he tried to foul mouth Robin William in order to make Robin give up on him. Unlike the rest Robin William did not crack, he was able to keep his calm. It was only when Matt Damon was criticizing Robin's wife that Robin snapped and threatened Matt. Besides patience Robin's compassion separate himself from others psychologists, his feeling of empathy and the will to help Matt was genuine. Unlike other psychologists, Robin was able to convey the genuineness of his feelings towards Matt. Even though Robin was insulted by Matt in the first session, he still stick with Matt. It was in the second session that Robin displayed his genuineness to Matt. Robin took Matt out to the park and called him a kid. Robin overcame Matt's arrogance by pointing out that Matt is just a kid who is full of himself and thought that he knew everything. Robin said that Matt knew everything from the book but he never had the first hand experience, it hit Matt very hard. Robin frankly told Matt
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