Ethical Issues In Health Care

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Genetic testing is becoming an integral and growing part of healthcare provision and services. In order to ensure the benefit of this innovation for individuals and society at large it is important to implement human medical genetic testing within an adequate framework of accompanying measures and activities. Information clarifying risk in an individual and his/her family members can be identified through clinical screening and genetic testing. Application of knowledge about risk of genetic disease in provision of primary health care for women requires understanding of new genetic discoveries as well as the ability to participate in resolution of ethical dilemmas
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One argument against creating a legal scheme that limits insurers' ability to use genetic information is that, by doing so, insurers do not have access to valuable information with which to determine individual rates. Some argue that insurance companies already use actuarial data to estimate risk and charge smokers, elderly people, or individuals with significant family history higher premiums based on epidemiological…show more content…
Reduction of uncertainty
Both parents and children may be anxious about their uncertain future. Genetic testing, even if confirming the presence of disease, may remove the uncertainty and allow parents the opportunity to confront the issues directly. When test results are favorable, psychological benefits may accrue to both parents and children.
2. Alteration of self-image
Children with genetic diseases may suffer a loss of self-esteem during a critical period when children's self-identity is developing.
3. Impact on family relationships
Pre symptomatic diagnosis in children also has the potential to alter the relationships that exist between parents and their offspring and among siblings.
4. Impact on life planning
Genetic test results may have financial implications for retirement planning and for obtaining life, disability, and health insurance.
Benefits of Genetic Testing
1. Treatment and prevention
Individuals identified as having genetic diseases or disease susceptibility may also benefit from preventive advice about lifestyle changes. For example, children with familial hyper lipidemia may benefit from dietary restrictions.
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