Human Resources Department Research Paper

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Gram Dick Mrs. Hamm English 4 2 February 2018 Human Resource Department Human resource departments has been a questionable area in some businesses. Some believe it is not necessary to have. Human resource departments deal with more than just employee problems. Therefore, human resource departments are essential for a company's success. Human resource departments deal with everyday problems like hiring and firing employees to dealing with more serious problems such as, sexual misconduct. The human resource departments has to be able to make a fast decision while also making the right decision. The decisions human resource departments make affect the productivity and the revenue of the business. Some believe that human resource departments…show more content…
Human resource departments need to be able to focus on hiring people with the right skills and talents (“HR Ranks”). Human resource departments need to be able to handle employee behavior, legal issues, and the internet. When human resource departments deal with employees, do not try to control their personal beliefs (Carol). Human resource departments also need to conduct rigorous analyses to determine what a job should pay versus relying on the crutch of a candidate’s compensation history. With the result of legislation, human resource departments will need to seek out better market data (“HR Ranks”). Effective people management and job efficiency are just some of the benefits of having a good human resource department. Human resource departments now have high-tech options in hand. “The internet has changed how we handle recruitment,” said Michelle…show more content…
Legal issues are constantly changing, and we have to be aware how the legal changes affect the workplace and our employees, Root said (carol). “Issues such as employee attraction, retention and performance strategies are definitely keeping them awake at night,” Stephanie Christopher says. Nine out of ten executives say an effective human resource departments are very important. Human resource departments play a huge role in successfully accomplishing business objectives and gaining a competitive edge. Managing director Stephanie Christopher says, “ It is important to understand the worth of their people.” (“HR Ranks”). In conclusion, human resource departments deal with an abundance of difficult situations. From hiring or firing someone, to dealing with a crisis, such as, someone's death. Some may believe they are not necessary, but when human resource departments do things right, it helps a business
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