Ethical Issues In Human Trafficking

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It’s crazy to say that human trafficking exist and a lot of society don’t care because it never happen to them, their families or someone they know. We as human beings are wired to care about other people, however with time humanity has gone down and all people care is about them self’s or immediate families or friends. I can’t imagine what people that become part of this vicious cycle feel and what goes through their minds while being treated like garbage. When human trafficking happens it doesn’t just affect the person but everyone around them. Families are the first ones that will go through a rollercoaster of emotions because they know that human trafficking is evil and they never thought that it will happen to them.
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Kerry said, “Money may be able to buy a lot of things, but it should never, ever be able to buy another human being” (website). I strongly agree with his statement because money is the cause of this problem. By selling human beings for sex, labor work and their organs, people that ring these human trafficking rings are making billions of dollars in profit. Some of the main ethical issues in human trafficking are threating people as human beings and not as objects, the use of them as slaves for the good of the people that bought them and medical ethics on harvesting organs with out peoples consent. The smallest action can make the biggest difference to someone in need. The people that are stuck in this vicious cycle can’t help themselves, but we can and we all need to do our part. There are hundreds of websites and articles online that gives you information on how you can help. The biggest advice that I can give you is to always seek law enforcement help and not to try to be a hero and rescue them on your own. This people are dangerous and won’t hesitate to take your life. A simple call to any law enforcement agency can make a difference. I have travel to a lot of different countries and in a few I notice that something was wrong, because the way the people acted and how the people that worked their where being treated. I asked one of my friends if they have the same feeling and they said yes. We stayed there until we finished our meals and a few drinks and left. Once we got back to our naval post we reported it to our law enforcement, which they reported it to the countries authorities. I don’t know what ever happen; however it made me feel good about myself that I did something to help someone else. I encourage everyone to promote equality with everyone they meet and if they see that someone’s is not being treated fairly to stand up for that person and provide your help. You never know you might need it someday or even
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