Ethical Issues In International Business Ethics

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International business ethics is a particularly complex issue as ethical standards are different depending on where you are. Corporate governance, bribery, corruption, working conditions and targeted marketing are all issues that require organizations to establish an ethical standpoint from which they can work on. International Business ethics requires the business decisions that should not be made exclusively from the narrow, economical perspective, but also the global social and ecological concerns should be taken into account. It also means that the interests of all the relevant parties, or "stakeholders" should be acknowledged and weighed. Global business is a complex idea of intercultural human and economic relationships created by the exchange of goods and services. It is also encompasses moral relationships. Queries regarding profit, growth, and technological advances in business have ethical dimensions. These…show more content…
For, the adoption of the discrepancies and conformities of ethics in host markets is a considerable asset for an achieved and coherent business structure while running company operations on the international basis. Host county culture and moral values are fundamental factors in determining the ethical perceptions regarding the new market as to estimate the mindsets of the potential clients since every nation has its own ethical standards. The differences between western and eastern ethical practices are mainly on the focus. The western ethics mainly focuses on finding the truth of the problem and eastern focuses on protocol and respect to others. Next difference is western ethics is on the basis of rational thoughts whereas eastern ethics is on religious teachings. Western ethics emphasis on Logic, cause and effect whereas eastern ethics emphasize more on respect towards
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