Ethical Issues In Kitchen Stories

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Kitchen Stories Overview and Research Methods First of all, what we consider as reality or correct knowledge and how it can be acquired is a hard thing to do. This is because some of the social scientists claim that in order to provide nature of reality observational and experimental methods must be used whereas the others think that it is not that easy to acquire nature of reality only by observing and experimenting. In the movie named Kitchen stories, the theme of the social research is between the observer and the observed. Research can be considered as a positivist approach because it uses participant observation and also qualitative research. Although, the important point that makes the movie Kitchen Stories important is because in the movie the basic principles of the positivist approach was eliminated. Considering the social research the elimination of the basic principles is against the idea of positivistic approach. Also, this leads to some problems in terms of ethics related with the process of the research which are affiliated with circumvention and concurrence. In this paper, I will try to analyse this problems of the research and discuss the scheme enfolded in the movie. The movie Kitchen Stories lack the efficiency and capability of the positivist approach when we look at it in theoretical perspective. Positivism is denoted as “an epistemological position that advocates the application of the methods of the natural sciences to the study of
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