Ethical Issues In Law Enforcement Essay

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In the world of law enforcement there are certain ethical values and guideline we must adhere to so that we don’t fall in the lines of corruption. There are different situations that police offers are put in directly or indirectly that requires there sound judgment and training to kick in so they want fall in to police corruption. As a police officer we have ethical standards that are set higher from other professions, because we are there to protect and serve in our communities, not to abuse or take advantage of the people in these communities. .Back in the 70’s, it was ok to accept a free cup of coffee or free meal and it was not an issue, but today accepting anything for free as and police officer comes under scrutiny no matter if you’re…show more content…
Or get it for free? , My response would be that I am paying for it, why because why am I entitling to eating there for free, because I’m a police officer not a good reason. As a police officer we have to be very careful of accepting gifts, which are what we call police gratuity.” A gratuity is the receipt of free meals, services, or discounts” (Hubert, n.d.). I believe there are some perks of being a police officer and there’s nothing wrong when the public appreciate your service for what you to do for them which is to protect and serve. I don’t think it is nothing wrong with offering law enforcements discounts but those discounts should also be available to public. For instance, McDonalds give police discounts for coffee, but this discount is also offer to seniors, these a type of discounts are acceptable police gratuity. Most police officers draw the line between accepting gratuities without 'strings' and taking bribes to compromise their policing duties, but gratuities can influence police to spend their time unequally among establishments that do and do not offer them gratuities ("NCJRS Abstract - National Criminal Justice Reference Service," n.d.). In some instances taking gratuities can result to other crimes like police

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