Media Ethical Issues

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In this project I will be explaining the ethical issues that occur in media, this project will help me understand what I can include in my own magazine and what should stay out.
Internet privacy is a large concern at the moment, with technology and people’s abilities constantly evolving, an recent example of privacy abuse is the situation that happened to TalkTalk where peoples personal data was stolen and sold off after TalkTalk was hacked by a teenager. This received huge media coverage and is at the forefront of the public’s mind.
An example of privacy abuse is paparazzi taking pictures of children of stars, for example paparazzi’s taking pictures of Prince George with a drone, which later forced Price William to put out a statement
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In this instance the director of the video took a lot of inspiration from the art work of David Lachapelle, Mr.Lachapelle is a famous photographer who later sued Riannah for asserts that the video copies the composition, total con- cept, feel, tone, mood, theme, colour, props, wardrobe and lighting of 8 photos he took. Mr.Lachapelle won the lawsuit and Riannah had to pay him $1M.
The video also affected the Obscene Publication Act 1959 and 1964 as is showed offensive sexual conduct because of this the song was banned from Ra- dio 1 and YouTube blocked the video from under 18 year old users.
The law of defamation allows individuals, groups or companies to sue for any damage to their reputation. Deformation is caused by publishing materials that effect someone image in a negative way.
There are two types of deformation, slander and libel. Libel deformation is a written statement, for example an article. On the other hand slander is a spoken statement.
An example of deformation is the case of Frankie Boyle who was said to be a racism by The Daily Mail, because of this Frankie Boyle lost his job as a pre- senter therefore also lost money because someone claimed he was a

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