Ethical Issues In Occupational Therapy

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Purpose of resources from a community health point of view: Refuge house serves people affected by domestic violence and sexual assault across eight counties in the Big Bend area. They offer support to people who were hurt by abuse or violence. In addition, guidance and encouragement for families and friends worried about other family members who are victims of abuse.
How OT can be involved: The occupational therapist can collaborate with survivors, family members and other health care providers to ensure safe delivery of effecting change. Domestic violence negatively affects the ability of the survivors and their families to engage in competent healthy occupations. The occupational therapist would collaborate with the counselors at the refuge house to enhance the ability of the survivors and families to participate in daily living occupations. Lastly, occupational therapist has an ethical responsibility to take actions that promote the health and safety
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Strength based interventions are characteristics of the occupational therapy practice paradigm. A strength-based model avoids stigmatizing labels, reduces sense of victimization; fosters hope, growth, and self-efficacy. A collaborative helping relationship between the team, women and occupational therapist would involve a relationship that provide direct services for individuals, families, groups and communities. The strength-based approach would empower promotion of social economic justice, encourage the women to inherent strengths, resources and coping
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