Ethical Issues In Physical Therapy

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Even though this isn’t the best way of promoting physical therapy businesses, it is still an immense issue that has a large number of young athletes getting injured and this needs to stop.
The coaches have a great deal of responsibility for their players. Some peoples’ blame has been put on the coaches from the lack of attention put on the athletes while practicing, warming up, and even playing in the game. One big mistake that coaches make for example in baseball the coach does not bring a pitch counter to the game. So he really can’t keep track of how many pitches the pitcher is pitching and this where a good amount of baseball injuries happen because of the coach not being organized. Some coaches don’t even make their players stretch before
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But if the coach wants to go above and beyond then he should strictly enforce those procedure before games and practices. But most coaches nowadays are just too lazy to do anything. Sometimes when a young athlete is hurt, the coach will discourage the athlete from seeking medical care and will ask them to first see the school trainer about the injury [2]. This isn’t always the right thing to do because the schools’ athletic trainer can only do so much until they have to refer you to a doctor. There are always the good things about the trainers. They are always at the school so you can ask them a question or have them evaluate someone when needed and it costs nothing if one goes to the doctor they could spend over $100 per visit.
The athletes that play one sport versus multiple sports all relate to the ethics of preventing sports injuries. A big topic of this pathway is the coaches’ role. A coach should know what’s right from what’s wrong when it comes to his or
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Sports injuries can change the mental and physical state of the person that is/was injured and can have long-lasting implications. This topic is important because the future of the industry of sports is riding in the young athletes of today’s hand and if a great number of them are getting injured then sports won’t be as competitive. That’s why preventing sports injuries is very crucial. Prevent sports injuries in athletes affects the mental state of athletes, socially, and ethically. For example, young females are more likely to get injured because their bones, muscles, and tendons are not strong enough to withstand the force being put on them so they just snap or break. Another example is the coaches’ responsibility. The coach has a tremendous amount of responsibility for his players he has to warm them up, stretch, and coach with a lot of little tasks in the middle of the main tasks. Some possible solutions to preventing sports injuries is to always stretch before games and practices, strengthen and condition your body in the off season, and not to play year round. One should always give themselves a break. Also, you should follow the guidelines enforced and recommended for the specific sport being played. Despite new efforts to prevent and treat sports injuries, more research is needed to develop new methods that will treat the most
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