Ethical Issues In Police Subculture

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Subculture is a term used to define a small culture within a bigger culture. This concept normally applies to smaller cultures within a bigger culture; but it can also apply to different groups of people within an organization or smaller groups within a society. Some examples of organizational subculture include the verity of justice professionals; although they are considered to be public servants, no one in society actually understands the stressful nature of the job except justice professionals, thus police subculture was created.
Cop Code The movie “Training Day” directed by Antoine Fuqua, was as great example of police subculture because it exemplifies the cop code, which is “an informal code of conduct that new officers are taught through informal socialization (Pollock, 2015. P. 118/92)”. The entire movie depicts
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Based on this statement it can be argued that Alonzo believed he was doing the right thing even if it meant breaking the law; which is the definition of ethical formalism as it states that “if act or intent is inherently coming form a good will, it is considered a good act even if it results in bad consequences” (Pollock, 2015. P. 33).
Ethical Dilemmas During the movie “Training Day” there were two key dilemmas that took place one being smoking drugs in the car and the other being the murder of Doug Rosselli ( Harris Yulin). Both of these dilemmas consisted of superiors’ vs rookie and in both cases the cop code prevailed. Basically the police subculture is what protected him; that unspoken rule of do not tell on another officer and in order to be accepted you adapt to the policing culture of your fired. This concept became clear when Alonzo said “you give me 18 moths and I give you a carrier (“Training Day,” 2001). “.
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