Ethical Issues In Professional Sports

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Bella told me about practice yesterday. She is feeling really down about it. However, she doesn 't want to give up. She has had problems with her knee off and on for a few months. She spoke with the doctor last Monday at her sports physical, and she told us that she thinks its runner 's knee. She said the cause is uneven distribution of muscular strength in the quads. As a rock climber she built strong thighs and upper body muscles, but her posterior leg muscles are not as strong and her calf muscles and hamstrings are tight. The other issue noted was the wrong kind of shoes. The shoes are to flat and lack support. The doctor said to purchase a really good running shoe.

Her pole vaulting coach started working with her on Sunday to
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I want to give her the opportunity to meet this challenge. She is feeling very down about herself right now and has a lot of anxiety about school in general. She has had a difficult first week. She is trying really hard in school and with athletics, she wants to be part of the team and she is extremely afraid of disappointing you or her teammates. She feels good when she runs and being part of the team is important to her. I assure you that she will give it her best effort. I will do my best to get her what she needs and make sure she eats right and gets enough protein in her diet to help with muscle development.

I told her that when her shoes arrive this evening, we will wrap her knee and go for a short jog to see if there is any difference with good running shoes. Ultimately, if she decides not to continue over the next couple weeks, I know it will be because her knee just isn 't getting better, it will not be because she doesn 't want to work hard.

If you have concerns or would like to speak to me, please feel free to call. My number is 937623-8010. I greatly appreciate that you contacted me, and I hope that we can get Bella up to speed over the next couple

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