Ethical Issues In Social Work

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Social work assessment is a collaborative process that involves the exploration, organisation, and analysis of information for decision making about the problem and its solution. Ideally, information obtained from a Social Worker 's data collection and assessment will result in an understanding of the client’s presenting problem, the client’s motivation for change, and the client’s inner and environmental resources, as well as a realistic assessment of his/her adaptive capabilities. Based on this understanding, the Social Worker and client should reach a mutual agreement on problem definition that represents both their thoughts and is acceptable to both parties.
Assessment should also result in the identification of one or more treatment goals.
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Client and Social Workers continue to collect and process new data throughout the intervention work. Due to this, new problems might emerge and goals or action plan might change depending on the emergency of the issue. The person-in-environment perspective in social work is a practice-guiding principle that highlights the importance of understanding an individual and individual behaviour in light of the environmental contexts in which that person lives and acts. The perspective has historical roots in the profession, starting with early debates over the proper attention to be given to individual or environmental change. Theoretical approaches that have attempted to capture the meaning of person-in-environment are presented, as well as promising, conceptual…show more content…
Ms Ow had conflicting views with her agency with regards to AJ 's case termination. Ms Ow feels that the time frame was too short for her to be able to work with AJ in managing his emotions well . AJ 's case had to be terminated after 1 year due to the agency 's policy. Despite that, MS Ow was able to manage the conflict the conflict by referring client to a private school with Social Workers to ensure that there 's continuity in helping client.
There was also a clash of beliefs between client and mother when Ms Ow found out that mother had allowed her daughter to travel to Malaysia alone for a week to meet her boyfriend. . However it is against the Social Worker 's ethics to be imposing one 's values on their client. As Ms Ow was binded by the Social Worker 's ethics, she was only able to advice mother to take precautions to ensure her daughter 's safety when in Malaysia.
Given more time, MS Ow would like to conduct degrouping work between client and his gang members. However, such intervention would require more than a year and that client must be determined to steer away from gang

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