Ethical Issues In Sport Management Essay

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Sport managers are responsible for the moral decisions that govern an organizations behaviour. An individual must understand that certain decisions may be right or wrong when it comes to situations in life. Since the 21st century, sport has developed an increase in talent, many individuals choose to make unethical decisions to benefit themselves. It is also important to allow every individual an equal opportunity to be a part of a sports team unless reasons exist otherwise. When choosing a team, evaluation should be based on skill, personality, and prior behaviour. Gender and race should not inhibit any decisions made. Since sport management is involved with the business aspects of sport, it is important that ethical issues are handled in a proper manner. Ethics in sport adversely affect a sport manager 's career. Some prominent ethical issues that…show more content…
In conclusion, ethics in sport adversely affects a sport managers career. Some prominent ethical issues that sport management professionals deal with in the 21st century include discrimination, athletes in the public eye and drug use. The treatment of every individual should be appropriate. Their race and gender should not be a factor in the determination of a role on a specific team. Also, athletes must uphold a professional reputation, in and away from their respective sport. Inappropriate actions may inhibit the success of these individuals. Lastly, performance enhancing drugs create an unfair advantage when participating in a sport. These drugs may also affect an athlete 's appearance, and health. These are all common issues that sport managers face in the 21st century. It is the sport manager 's responsibility to make sure that these athletes uphold a professional standard and do not go down the wrong path. Today 's generation is highly versatile and will continue to come up with new advancements. Although there are many issues that sport managers may face, they are the best resources when dealing
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