Ethical Issues In Tangerine

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Siblings constantly fight, but it typically doesn’t lead to a huge problem. However, in the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor, it did. The book’s main topic was Paul and the truth about his damaged eyes. He also had to learn to stand up to people. Erik, Paul’s brother, made choices that greatly affected Paul and his way of thinking. Big choices that affected Paul was Erik picking on Paul’s friends and killing one of his friends. He also damaged Paul’s eyes so bad that Paul had to wear special goggles. Erik doesn’t realize that his choices doesn’t have effects just for him. It affects other people like Paul too. Erik messes with Paul’s friends a lot. However, picking on Tino had a big effect on Paul. First, Erik saw Tino’s friend and he said “Look at this. I think it’s great that these farm-labor kids get to spend a day away from the fields.”(pg.204). Erik was furious. Paul knew Erik was going to do something bad yet he let Erik slap Tino (pg.205). This choice looks like it has no effect on Paul, but it does. Erik hitting Tino caused Tino to get angry. Tino wanted to get Erik back. So, Luis, his brother, tried to get revenge for him.…show more content…
Luis’s death really changed Paul. It had a huge effect on him. Luis went to Erik, mad for what Erik did to Tino. Erik told Arthur, his friend, to hit Luis with a blackjack(pg 211). Consequently, Luis died a few weeks later. The blackjack hit an aneurysm. (pg. 244). When Luis died, Paul said, “I feel like Luis is a part of me now.” (pg 252). Luis made Paul feel like a different person. Paul felt “strange and remarkable”. Then, he remembered the real truth about his eyes. Erik pushed Paul over his limit. Paul was mad enough to tell on Erik, finally standing up to him. Erik made horrible choices. Erik didn’t just kill Luis, he spray-painted Paul’s eyes
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