Ethical Issues In The Movie Precious

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As counselors, we will be faced with unique and not so uniqueness family and individual issues. Often, we will have to listen to what is not being said to fully assess our client/family situation. The movie Precious is moving, thought provoking, disturbing, and brings awareness to the many different forms of abuse, and different types of mental illness. Three Identified Symptom in the Family Counseling Session The first cue is the home environment. The environment in which Precious grew up in, is toxic, dysfunctional, and dangerous. The mother was abusive, verbally, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Precious was also sexually abused by her father since the age of three. The second cue I identified is the Mothers refusal to accept responsibility for her actions in the way she raised and treated Precious. It was clear in the counseling session that the Mother still blames Precious for her significant other not wanting her and eventually leaving her. The animosity, hatred, and disdain towards Precious was evident, when the Mother dropped the baby, and proceeded to attack Precious in the movie. (Daniels, 2009). The third cue is the depression and or border personality disorders on the part of Precious and the mother. Children who are victims of violence usually exhibit behavioral and emotional problems, such as depression…show more content…
I would also ask if they have any questions and if they are interested in entering therapy. Assuming they said yes, I would start with the informed consent, from there I would begin with a cultural assessment, next I would hear their concerns and issues. At some point, I would recommend Incest group therapy for Precious, and individual therapy for both the mother and daughter. would gently inquire about the safety of Precious’s two children. I may have to refer Precious to a social worker to assist with her living situation and
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