Ethical Issues In The Movie The Terminator

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The movie The Terminator was created in 1984 and directed by James Cameron. The movie about a robot and a Human that are sent from the future for two very different reasons. One wants to hunt and kill Sarah Connor the future leader of a rebellion while the other one has to protect her. The issues that this movie touches on are the advancement of technology and genocide.
The movie The Terminator is about a cyborg that is sent from the future to kill a woman named Sarah Connor who will give birth to a rebel leader in the near future. However a human was sent from the future as well, and his one and only job is to protect the mother of the future Rebel leader. Due to the story line and the acting this movie has gotten very good reviews and many
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The reason this is an issue is because before the release of The Terminator there was protest in L.A. about a genocide that was happening in India. What was happening in India was that a religious group called the Sikh were being hunted down and killed by their fellow citizens. This event would help with the creation of The Terminator. The reason this was a big enough event that a movie would be made with the same issues would be because it was also affecting indian-americans that had family killed in this genocide. An example of this would be in the article “Sikhs protest 1984 genocide, India alleged human rights violation in L.A. March” by Dana Bartholomew which states that “Janki Kaur was a young mother of two with a third child on its way when she attended a brother’s wedding at her mother’s house outside of New Deli. The 27 men in the house were killed, she said, including her husband. Many of the women were also raped.”(2). This horrible events that happened India may have helped push the creation of the movie along. The reason that it is most likely people will remember it is because it wasn’t just one man that was killed nor was it two, but it was a whole family and the many others that weren't mentioned in the quote. However what this quote mostly says is that people of the Sikh religion were being killed regardless of age or gender. This may seem bad but that isn’t the worst of it because this was just twenty-three people, but, according to the article, many Sikh temples were destroyed, thirty thousand people were killed, and three hundred thousand were homeless in a three day period. (Bartholomew 2). The fact that so many people were killed within a three day period should be terrifying. Just that amount sheer destruction and cold blooded murder should be terrifying. Now imagine if humans can do this within a three day period what would happen if the technology that so many people depend on where to perform the

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