Ethical Issues In The Reimer

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I watched the Reimer documentary in biopsychology last semester, and it is still hard to watch. I found it frustrating that Max from the documentary Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She, experienced about the same treatment from his family as David. Both were left in the dark by family regarding the significance of procedures performed, and because of that fact, were not provided therapy to heal from such major procedures. David was given conversion therapy, which is currently illegal for many ethical reasons. Dr. Money blatantly jumped to conclusions based on traditional gender roles and genital characteristics that were sociologically appropriate at the time. Ultimately, as a medical professional, it is unethical to persuade someone into an…show more content…
Money pressured both David and his brother Brian to rehearse sexual acts involving thrusting movements, where David played the bottom role. You would expect at least an apology for the unethical manipulation by Money, but instead he coldly suggested that "childhood 'sexual rehearsal play '" was important for a "healthy adult gender identity” (Colapinto, 2001).

As far as how many sexes and genders there are, it 's primarily best to understand the definition of both. Sex is biological and determined by the interaction of two chromosomes, X and Y. Gender is completely different, it is a continuous trait that cannot be counted. It is non-binary and can fluctuate throughout a person 's life. Gender roles are typically categorized in society as feminine or masculine. Masculinity and femininity however are gender qualities that can be developed in response to social discrimination. When defining gender, we must understand gender roles, the bias behind it, and how much it 's evolved past traditional standards. As far as females in society, we 've progressively moved past the standard "tomboy" label and recognize androgynous women as they break through the mainstream media (i.e. Ruby Rose), and now slowly towards equal rights in the workplace. There is a fantastic quote from an article online that
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