Ethical Issues In The Short Story 'Learning Genetics'

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In the short story, “Learning Genetics”, the significant ethical issue present is withholding helpful information for a selfish reason. When I was about fifteen, I remember my step-cousin ran away from her house. Everybody was asking all around about where she could have gone. My Aunt Mandy was extremely frustrated with my step-cousin’s best friend because she knew where she went but would not tell anybody. This situation is certainly similar to the one in this narrative. In “Learning Genetics”, multiple researchers did not want to share their findings with other researchers even though the collaboration could have furthered their findings more. Some of the researchers seem extremely greedy. If I were one of the researchers, I would have collaborated with anyone…show more content…
Also, I would have done exactly what the parents did. They were extremely determined and dedicated to not only helping their children but anyone else with PXE. In my opinion, the researchers who were greedy with their research were actually not thinking of everyone who would be affected. Furthermore, the reluctant researchers were causing this to become difficult from the parents who were trying to help. They were causing harm indirectly to several people. If someone has information that could help someone else, even one person, then they need to gladly help out. Within the narrative, “DNAbling Parents”, the main ethical issue is using technology to have a perfect baby. I cannot relate to this directly but I can relate to the use of technology to get something that you want. As I
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