Ethical Issues In Vietnam Essay

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Throughout time there has always been a moral and ethical sense of right and wrong. As a child growing up in a Christian household you’re taught to follow God’s Ten Commandments and to always do the right thing, the quote “What would Jesus do” allowed Christians to think about their actions and reinforce that God wants us to do the right thing. For instance, when the government comes to decision to aid other people in
Vietnam is a country located near Cambodia and Laos, in the 40’s tensions began to rise between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Vietnam was temporarily divided between an anti-Communist South and a Communist North. In 1956, South Vietnam, with American backing, refused to hold unification elections. Then in 1958, Communist led, Viet Cong, had begun to battle the South Vietnamese government. To support the South 's government, the United States sent in 2,000 military advisors then grew to 16,300 in 1963. The military condition deteriorated, and by 1963, South Vietnam had lost the fertile Mekong Delta to the Viet Cong. Then in 1965, President Lyndon Johnson escalated the war, commencing air strikes on North Vietnam and committing ground forces. The 1968 Tet Offensive by the North Vietnamese turned many Americans against
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Here in America, it’s often perceived that we’re on the right side of justice and that God is on “our side”. When we decide to interact with other countries, especially when that interaction is war, the government talks of the just ways in why we need to help other nations that are in crisis with their government. As Brueggemann says “One of the crucial insights of the Bible is that God is on the side of justice, that God is concerned for the well-being of those who lack power to secure it.” This is what my grandfather was trying to convey to me on the phone, that as a Christian doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. This also makes sense as to when my grandfather was growing up he would attend church every Sunday and hear the word of

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