Ethical Issues Of Artificial Insemination

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Social and ethical issues There are many problems that could arrive or already being seen as a result of Artificial Insemination in the humans. The main problem is that the father of the child denies to fully accepting the child as his own. The affection cannot take place truly between father and the child. Also in many cases, it results into the conflict between husband and wife. In Indian societies, these practices have been given least qualified approval. With the growth of time, the most common issue having maximum probability arising by the process of artificial insemination. Though it is a part of legal issues but some social issues can easily come up as the child born by this technique by the time gain majority would be curious to know about his biological father According to Dr. Gerard Kelly, “Artificial Insemination is contrary to the divine plan for marriage; it is the product of a false philosophy of life; it generally involves the immoral procurement of sperm; and its consequences on social life are apt to be disastrous.” . In many of the cases, this can become reason for divorce of a couple. In spite of the reforms introduced in 1937 by Sir Alan Herbert’s famous act, a large proportion of divorce suits still concerned with sexual matters . According to these cases, lady being artificially inseminated by semen of some person other than her husband are said to have committed adultery which can be a basis for their divorce. It is said to be not less adultery

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