Ethical Issues Of Fracking

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A local community Board of Supervisors has been approached by a company wishing to use hydraulic fracturing in the county. Fracking is drilling into the Earth and injecting a high pressure water, sand, and chemical mixture to crack the shale and release the gases inside. Natural gases are trapped inside shale rock, and are becoming more and more important to U.S. and world economies. Its proponents advocate the economic benefits of more extensively accessible hydrocarbons.[6][7] However, opponents argue that these are outweighed by the potential environmental impacts, which include risks of ground and surface water contamination, air and noise pollution, and potentially triggering earthquakes, along with the consequential hazards to public health and the environment.[8][9] Stimulate well for maximum extraction. Ethical arguments related to scenario Do the economical advantages outweigh the environmental risks this technology produces. BUT NOT IN QUESTION FORMAT NO QUESTIONS…show more content…
It originated during the Civil War, in the 1860s, and can be traced specifically to the 1862 Battle of Fredericksburg VA. E.A.L. Roberts received the original patent in 1866 for his discovery which he originally called fluid tamping. In the 1930s, they stopped using nitroglycerin, which made it much safer for the workers. Horizontal drilling and gas wells were precursors to hydraulic fracking in its specificity. Fracking was commercialized in 1949, and has been used commercially for about sixty five years now. Modern day fracking was founded in the 1990s. Texas is the state with the most fracking

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