Ethical Issues Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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The ethical issues of physician-assisted suicide is equal parts emotional and debatable. People fight over whether it is ethically acceptable for a dying person who has chosen to avoid the unimaginable suffering at the end of their precious life. Additionally, it is also the physician’s duty to ease the patient 's suffering, which may justify providing aid-in-dying depending on the case. This becomes a huge issue not on ethically but politically for the doctors because studies have shown that the doctors are often divided on if they feel that physician assisted suicide should be legalized. If it does in fact become legalized it will force hundreds of thousands of doctors to help kill someone when they take the hippocratic oath to help someone…show more content…
In this law it allows a competent adult who wishes to end their life the access to a lethal amount of prescribed medication. In order for a person to be eligible for assisted suicide under this law, they have to reach the requirements. Some of these requirements are but not limited to: they must be 18 years or older, a resident of Oregon, able to clearly communicate and understand the repercussions of their decision, have a diagnosis of six months or less to live because of a terminal illness, and they also have to persuade a physician of their final to end their life. Even though the Death with Dignity Act allows individuals to pick the timing of their death, physician assisted suicide still resides an extremely controversial topic in society that has many questions. The secular side of this debate is highly in favor of legalizing assisted suicide. The majority of their reasoning is that they believe people who are sick with terminal illnesses let in be cancer or perhaps a brain tumor or something along those lines that they have the right to rid their life of pain and suffering. Although some people who were in favor of legalizing it said that they may not ever think of it as in option for themselves either because of religious views or ethical views that everyone should have the opportunity to end their life if they choose to do…show more content…
Although helping out at a all mens homeless shelter did not not have anything to do with my project it was an experience that I would not trade. As I said in a previous paragraph most people just assume the homeless got that way on their own wrongdoing by becoming a drug addict. While being there we met with some of the house managers who explained to us that those guys who were living there got that way from some unfortunate event that happened in their life that was not their fault, they also drugtest them often and sometimes unannounced and if they fail the test then they are out of their housing. I think that more people should volunteer with either Good Samaritan or another organization like that because it is not only a very worthwhile cause but also an extremely well run and meaningful

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