Ethical Issues Of Technology Essay

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New technologies that people had never imagined a decade, or even some decades ago, are now expanding and changing all our lives. Taking smartphones as an example, people in old time had never imagined that small, tiny box could enable people to bring smart computer to everywhere. Yet, smartphones are now completely embedded into our lives and changed how we communicate. Technology lets us live simply, more conveniently, and more easily, but at the same time, it creates complex debates and controversies of ethical problems. In this world, where humans cannot live without the benefits of technology, it is impossible to ignore ethical problems. There are ethical challenges as the technology develops, such as the autonomous machines may supersede humans and threaten human existence, and new DNA-based treatment might be the trigger of privacy problems. First, ethics is the philosophical study that deals with what is morally right and wrong in wide scale not only in the scientific field, but also in public, and ethical problems occur as the new technology emerges. Emerging technology includes new technologies and technologies that are starting to be used. For instance, fuel-cell vehicles, artificial intelligence the digital genome, and robots are the emerging technologies. (Al-Rodhan 2). As new, unknown…show more content…
Allowing robotics to gain new technology might result in the threat to human existence. Also, as DNA technology develops, there will be more opportunities to receive new treatments, but it will lead to the concern that personal DNA data will be exposed. The reason why these ethical problems occur is that regulations and laws cannot keep up with the technology since it takes some time to enact them. Despite the bright side of emerging technology, there are always ethical problems, and still engage a lot of

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