Ethical Issues Of Utilitarianism

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The concept of utilitarianism can create controversy in the engineering field. These issues are highlighted when talking about big data collection. On one hand utilitarianism can be used to prevent potential dangers, but on the other hand it can be seen as an invasion of privacy. When discussing utilitarianism, it is important to first gain a complete understanding of the term. Utilitarianism is the ethical belief that one 's actions should have the intention of promoting the largest amount of happiness for the largest number of people. In a sense, this means that the most ethical thing to do is what will benefit the majority of people. This plays a major role when debating the ethicality of big data collection. Some may argue that the collection of big data has the potential to benefit large amounts of people, while others argue that it is an invasion of privacy and has no benefit. Either way, big data collection is a major concept in the engineering field and relies heavily on the idea of utilitarianism. One instance of big data collection is the collection and monitoring of internet search history by the government. Leaked classified information has indicated that the government has been collection internet search history form major internet companies. Some people believe this practice is ethical due to utilitarianism. Others state that the collection of internet search history is a major invasion of privacy and has no benefit to society. This had a major impact on
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