The Importance Of Media In The New York Times

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The New York Times has been a well-established organization since 1851. It’s primary goal of informing and educating the public has been achieved through printing newspapers and recently through online media. As a major media source, it has won the most Pulitzer Prizes out of any newspaper. Ethical reporting of the news has been a priority of the New York Times, enough so that a guide was released detailing the standards of the New York Times journalists. This, as well as many newspapers and articles that have been released in order to detail the rules of protecting the honest nature of the newspaper, have enforced and re-enforced the integrity. Staff members are permitted to engage in activities outside of their jobs with the New York Times,…show more content…
It is imperative that the news received is unbiased and completely factual. However, it is also important to note the right of citizens as well as journalists to express their opinion. In order for the people to get a complete understanding of the world’s situation, there has to be a balance between a diversity of opinions surrounding an issue, and the unbiased facts. It also must be clear what the facts are as opposed to the opinion of the creator of a piece. Furthermore, the issue of objectivity becomes more complicated when considering how and citizen can now spread information, their opinion, and completely fictitious stories and claim they are all true. With the use of social media, these fake stories may spread faster and to more people than the corrected, true information. Traditional media and journalism separate opinion and fact. Social media allows for anybody with an opinion to spread anything and disguise it as fact. This is a major issue as the spread of misinformation could dangerously alter the public’s perspective of a topical issue. However, to prevent certain opinions being spread could infringe on the right to free speech. It is a delicate issue that must be addressed soon. It is a dangerous precedent to censor certain facts for fear it will contradict an agenda. However certain facts, while true, do not show the whole truth of a situation.…show more content…
In the past, opinion based arguments were separated entirely from the news. Current events had its own category along with weather, politics, sports, etc. Nowadays, these categories can all be blended into one website, or be completely separated and have certain sites focused on certain topics. Furthermore, it is even debated as to what the role of the journalist is. Journalism needs to be reliable as most people would agree. The New York Times separates the news and its opinions. However, it is natural for a writer’s opinion to bleed into his or her work. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Neutrality and objectivity are incredibly important when regarding fact, but the public should be exposed to a diversity of opinions. In order to fully understand a situation, one must attempt to understand another's point of view. This has been made a great deal easier with new technologies. It supports an age of tolerance and openness to those different from what one known. Additionally, if opinions are censored, it could cause a situation where certain groups are targeted, and only a select few are actually able to publish and show their opinion to the public. People with minority opinions would be affected at a greater rate than the popular opinion as well, thus affirming the same beliefs without ever challenging them. This could be
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