Ethical Leadership: Assignment: Defining Ethical Leadership

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Assignment: Ethical leadership
Summited by: Bikram Prajapati, King’s college
International American University

Subject: BUS 700 Capstone
Submitted to: Dr. Joe Siegmund and Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma

Date: November 23, 2014 Defining Ethical leadership: Ethics is about knowing and doing what is right. The right thing in one culture may not right for other culture. What is right in one situation may not right in another situation. Ethics is about doing and performing own responsibility fairly being under the code of conduct. Ethics are based on social norms and logical coherent philosophy. It’s about defining what is wrong and what is right and acting in right way to perform task. Ethical leadership is a good character of leader and holding a right values to influence their follower. Ethical leader act and makes decision ethically. Being under the law and code of conduct they need to perform. Secondly they must also lead ethically. The ways how they interact with the other, their attitude and the ways how they interact must be ethically. It’s a process of behaving others as we expect from other. It’s a way of being and making right choice. Some important component of ethical leadership are:
• The ability to work for the betterment of the organization or society where leader belongs. It’s an ability of leading the organization and serving the follower need.
• The ability to encourage and performance management and career engagement of the follower. Takes feedback and
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