Ethical Leadership: Difference In The World

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Ethical Leadership
. I want to make a difference in the world. To be able to see, create and do something to help improve the lives of others has always been a vision of mine. To be able to help individuals empower and enrich their lives through education and a social service program to help them pursue and achieve things, when others told them, no. I currently work as an Independent Living Skills worker in direct service helping adults who have mental illness gain independence in their lives. I now want to take a new step in my career and life to not only be a part of helping someone, but be someone who’s mission is to create something that can change not only the lives of others but the community as well. I along with my siblings would
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This is a saying that many people have heard many times, but how many people, words are backed up by their actions. A leader should be someone that people look up to in a positive way and act as a role model. In our organization, we will have others who need people they can trust and feel as if they are in good hands, especially for those who are our most vulnerable people such as children and disabled adults who will be receiving services from our organization. Per the National Council of Nonprofits, “The significance of ethical leadership is of course not limited to the charitable nonprofit sector, but we think nonprofit leaders have a special obligation to demonstrate their commitment to values such as accountability, compassion, honesty, service to others, transparency, and respect.” (National Council of Nonprofits, 2016) I want to stress to the people that we serve we always have the best interest for…show more content…
Norton states, “In the social services sector, where there are often too few resources and too many people in need, leaders constantly struggle with decisions that test their values.” (Northouse, Introduction to Leadership, 2012) In my role, I would be setting an example for everyone, and that includes my employees and the people that you serve. I would be just one face in the company and want to ensure that it is a positive one such as by being just, fair, respectful and honest. I believe one should not only do what feels right, but what is right. I think by having the desire to do good would be a guiding force to lead me into a field that wants to help others, and you are not helping others if you are not making choices that will ultimately help

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