Ethical Leadership Philosophy

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I want to be the type of leader that inspires those around me to be positive and find the good in everything. In order for this to happen I need to start reflecting on the positive outcomes that emerged from things I assumed would be negative. For instance, getting orders to Korea led to meeting great people, eating incredible food and getting to PCS to my base of preference. Sharing these stories will inspire my subordinates, peers and supervisors when they come across gloomy situations. In order to see opportunity in change and be optimistic I need to stop jumping to conclusions. This leads to me not seeing the big picture and allowing my emotions to get the best of me. I need to keep being willing to get out of my comfort zone. This…show more content…
When working with a team I tend to be so focused on achievement that it comes at the expense of including everyone. I need to stop being so competitive as this behavior creates a self-centered approach and can lead to unethical actions. In order to achieve my goal I need to keep being willing to call out those individuals that are not adhering to the rules, while at the same time rewarding those for their appropriate behavior. As I mentioned earlier, a potential barrier to me achieving my goal of ethical leadership is my internal desire to compete. In order to overcome this potential barrier, I will use feedback from those around me on ways that I can improve. The biggest strength I have is my honest, supportive wife. She is able to constantly remind me of the bigger picture and encourage me to change into the ethical leader that my subordinates, peers and supervisors will want to emulate. My vision statement is centered on a 3-year plan. Changing into the ideal ethical leader is the second step involved in becoming a transformational leader and I plan on reaching this goal in the second…show more content…
The followers of transformational leaders exhibit greater trust, admiration, loyalty and respect toward the leader and are willing to work harder for them. I want to be the transformational leader that makes others realize the greatness within them. In order to achieve this goal I need to start seeking feedback from mentors that I feel were transformative. Their insight will help guide me down the right path. I need to stop holding onto the reins of power and be willing to delegate more. This will show subordinates, peers and supervisors that I have trust in those around me. To be transformational I need to keep displaying professionalism. By keeping my uniform in impeccable order, maintaining high PT standards and holding others to high standards it will show I work hard at being a role model. A potential barrier to becoming a transformational leader will be giving 100% trust. At times when something has to get done I feel like I need to be involved in every step, but this completely undermines showing trust in those around me. In order to overcome this barrier I will consciously step back and let the incredible Airmen around me step up and show what they are capable of. A strength that I have is that I am recognized as being very professional. During every stage of my career up to this point I have been recognized by subordinates, peers and supervisors as a role model Airman. I must be doing something
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