Ethical Marketing Issues In The Milk Industry

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a) An ethical issue is usually an identifiable problem, situation, or opportunity that requires a person to pick from among several actions which may be evaluated as right or wrong, ethical or underhanded. In business, such a choice often involves weighing monetary profit against what person considers appropriate carryout (Ferrell & Hirt, 2003). Similarly milk industry faces many ethical issues that customers raise. Some customers avoid dairy out of a strong sense of ethics and compassion for animals. Given the fact that animals have feelings, many customers can’t help but be upset with how unpleasant it is for dairy cows to live their lives confined to factory farms. They remain there until they’re no longer of use. At that point, they’re sent to the slaughterhouse where their lives end violently. Even animals raised on small, mom-and-pop farms where they have access to more space may have their lives ended violently.…show more content…
Some dairy-free customers avoid dairy products as a way of making an individual contribution to preserving the environment and the quality of the planet’s soil, water, and air. The production and distribution of milk products affect the environment through deforestation, noxious emissions and intensive use of resources like petroleum (Hobbs, n.d.). To be brief, unethical marketing practices would directly influence a good marketing process and affect marketing plan. Unethical issues in Pakistani milk industry, it may lead to bad publicity and reputation, customers ' dissatisfaction, lost the opportunity and consumers ' trust and also a legal action between consumer and

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