Ethical Nursing Practice Analysis

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Outcome 7 – Illustrates how the Nurse Incorporates Professional Values into Ethical Nursing Practice and Personal Accountability. Brenen Dapkiewicz NU 311 Fundamentals of Nursing Practicum Washburn University School of Nursing Knowledge Q1: Define patient centered care and discuss several ways you noticed the facility provided patient centered care. To me, patient centered care is the process of actively listening to, informing, and involving patients in their care. Patients who are involved in their care plan are more likely to stick with their care plan. Moreover, the patient knows him/herself best, if you create a plan that the patient knows they won’t be able to perform, then the plan would be useless. Within long-term…show more content…
My ideal nursing practice would presume that all medications given to the patient would be correct, that I would never fail in a situation with my patients, and my patient’s care plans would benefit them in a way that enabled them to provide care for themselves. Realistically, in the near future I hope to connect with all my patients in some way that prevents any biases I have from preventing me from doing my job. Medications would be triple checked each time using the six patient rights. Nursing care plans will involve my patients, this way I can provide the best care possible for them and getting them back to their “normal” or better way of living. However, my realistic goal I have for my patients is having the time for them. By this I mean having time to explain medications or procedures with them thoroughly. Futhermore, I would also have more time to sit down and engage in a more meaningful conversation with them. I feel like comfort and socialization actually has some healing powers in their own. When a person is happier and engaged, they are more willing to trust you and their care…show more content…
An ethical issue I have run into is that normally, with the medications this patient is on, if the patient were to fall and hit their head, they would be sent to the hospital. The reasoning for this is to be assessed for a brain bleed or other issues of the sort. Ethically, you want to see this patient be well taken care of and receiving the best of help. This is not the case. The ethical principle that’s involved is nonmaleficene on the nurse’s part. The patient’s daughter has requested that no one interfere with her father’s incidents. She has signed papers to have him not taken to the hospital or have any extra care given to him. She was open to me about the reasoning why, I never asked, it was about money and the fact that hospital visits are too expensive. As a nurse, I care about people’s health, so, if I were to see a patient fall and hit his head, having a possible brain bleed, I would want to help instead of standing there and doing nothing. So, this is the ethical issue I have experienced and honestly, I would have a difficult time with this issue knowing it’s not an if, but a when for this patient falling and having a bad injury that may cause

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