Ethical Objectives Of Nike's Code Of Ethics

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Ethical objectives are aims based on an moral code of conduct (see definition).
More and more business are adopting an ethical code to impact their decisions , since the acceptance for social responsibility is growing. An ethical and socially responsible business acts morally towards the environment, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. Morals are defined as the right thing from the society’s perspective.

TERTIARY SECTOR they sell their products but they do not produce their products themselves. They get their products through their suppliers ? What is ethics about

“Just do it!,” this slogan represents Nike Inc, one of the world’s largest suppliers of athletic footwear and clothing (see appendix 3). Nike was founded in January 1964.
Nike’s mission statement is: “to bring inspiration and
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They use green products and are now known for their fair layout practice. Nike tries to inform everyone about their activities and they are on the right track to make the world a better place.

In my judgement I think Nike has been on a long and tough journey about learning about how important it is for a business to be ethical, in other words to have moral guidelines that determine decision-making of the business. I think Nike recovered well from the negative media attention, due to their good managing leadings and their moral attitude.
However some people are still skeptical about Nike’s ethical practice and I personally think Nike has to make sure that everyone knows them as a ethical business.
In order to achieve this I would recommend Nike to invest more money in their production, so that everyone is payed fairly. In addition, I think it is not only important for Nike to treat there employees well, but also to be green and take care of the environment.
Also Nike has to make sure that their suppliers comply with all points of the code of
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