Personal Narrative: My Ethical Paradigm

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To clarify the meaning of ethical it means “pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct”. A paradigm is a model or example. Honestly, I’m not sure who my ethical paradigm is. Every person has some flaw to them and even if they did hundreds of large acts of good, the one small act of wrong will always be prominent. But if to relate someone closest to my ethical paradigm it would be Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz. Patrick Stump is the lead singer in the band Fall Out Boy. At the age of six, his parents split up and he lived with his father, a folk singer. His greatest musical influences were his father and Michael Jackson. I am a very family-oriented person and would do anything for the people I care about and I appreciate that value in Patrick. Patrick Stump met with the founder of Fall Out Boy through…show more content…
Music has always been a large part of my life whether its listening to classical Indian while programming with my dad, making a comical dance on Indian pop or bleating Alternative music with my sister. Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz help me and countless other fans through music by pouring our emotions and the struggles of the real world into their works. They help everyone around them with words and silence. Though their greatest hits in the eyes of others may be “Sugar, We’re Going Down” in my eyes it will always be hidden works such as “Golden”. The song describes the feelings of complete and utter hopelessness in the recipient of a completely one sided opinion of someone. One of the lyrics is “How cruel is the golden rule?”. This line is utterly true. Though people may tell us people will treat us how we treat them, this does not always

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