Ethical Perspective In Nursing

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Ethical Perspective The book No Good Deed brings up many ethical issues that can be discussed. In the world of nursing there are specific issues that will be seen more than others. The ethical issue of nurses providing care that they feel is necessary for their patient yet others do not feel it is necessary is often an issue. Beneficence plays a large role because where is the fine line of doing good become doing harm? Kim talks about how comfort care measures were to be done for Rose. She mentions that as a nurse she will provide comfort measures to her patient by any means. To some this statement may sound malicious but to others it may sound comforting. Kim pushed to have the order of morphine to be increased and the sole reason was because she felt that Rose looked and expressed herself to be in pain. The order was increased but even so Kim and Amy thought he dose was not appropriate. If the patient has expressed that comfort care is all she wants and she appears in pain, then are we really doing our job as nurses? Even if the dose of pain medication would slowly kill her, she would be out of pain. The ethics in nursing can be extremely complicated, therefore it is important to know where you stand on an issue and remind yourself to let that get in the way of your care. Nurses just want to care for their patients and make them comfortable. The real question is, to what extent are nurses willing to go to, to ensure that their patients are receiving
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