Judith Jarvis Thomson On Abortion

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Abortion is the process by which a person intentionally ends the pregnancy by the procedure of removing the embryo or fetus from the womb. At times abortion can also take place on its own. These are known as spontaneous abortion of miscarriage. On the other hand abortions that are carried out purposely are known as induced operations. In the United States there are two most common methods of abortion. One is by using the abortion pill whereas the other is known as clinic abortion. In the United States abortion has become a major issue with time and according to a study it was estimated that by the age of forty five, three out of ten women have an abortion.
While talking about ethical standing of illegal or legal abortion, question arises that
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In her views a woman should have right to free herself from confinement of being pregnant without considering that this will lead to the demise of her baby (Thomson, 1986). So it is better to have more insightful thoughtful that is morality does not mean that a person is anxious only about their duties towards the living individuals but likewise to the ones who can’t save themselves and can’t speak for themselves. Abortion issue should be understood and analyzed much more with the help of philosophical ideas as compared to emotional means which most of the time it has been treated with. Abortion is a sin or does it carry any moral status has been the question under debate among the thinker since ages. This issue has diverted the thinkers attention toward it especially they have shown much interest in it since 1960s. This issue became matter of concern for thinkers, as soon as abortion got the status of public agenda; it caused the government to change the policies and also public outlook toward this subject…show more content…
Many problems are found in Thomson’s ideas according to Francis Beckwith. He asserts that hesitant father has instinctive responsibility to his progeny in case of an unwanted pregnancy due to the reason that he knew what could be the result of his sexual courtship that is the conception of a human being, no matter if he adopted any precautionary measure . At the same time Beckwith points out Thomson’s views regarding abortion, contradicts family morals, the belief that solely revolve around the idea of a person’s responsibility towards his progeny and that obligation towards his family and offspring is nobody else is going to take on his behalf .He continues in his argument that many men and women would never agree with Thomson’s views as they would find it counter-intuitive because they have experienced love, joy and happiness in children in their family life no matter the idea of family has been shown as domineering towards

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