Ethical Principles In Regards To Abortion

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Ethical Principles in Regards to Abortion Is it right or wrong to have an abortion? Adinma (2011) states that abortions have always been associated with moral, ethical, and religious issues for years; this is not anything recent. There needs to be an investigation on the reason for the abortion and why is it considered an ethical issue. According to Saadatmand, Ghodrati, Zarenezhad, and Akbarzadeh (2016) abortions are done for different reasons, even if considered right or wrong. Each and every situation is different, most ethical issues are between the nurse, the patient, and the reason for or not for the abortion or not. This paper will discuss what ethical principles are and how they are related to abortion, as well as how does if affect …show more content…

Nurses are often confronted with the ethical dilemma of being pro-life and their patient wants the abortion or if pro-choice and the patients wishes to continue the pregnancy in disregard to her own health. The right to decide an abortion usually falls upon the patient since this is her body and baby, the patient has the right to autonomy, but this decision to have an abortion is done rather quickly and should be done as soon as possible once 12 weeks have passed the termination process becomes more difficult and is usually restricted and by 24 weeks and can be considered illegal. When is it okay or not okay to termination the pregnancy (Walker and Van Zyl). What is the nurse to do in these situations? Regardless of what the answer may be from the patient the nurse needs to respect the patient decision and to treat the patient with justice, just because the patient isn't making the choice the nurse would make doesn't mean the nurse should treat the patient differently. The patient has the autonomy to make decisions for herself. The nurse needs to do what's best for the patient based on the decision the patient has made, beneficence, doing good and being an advocate will better the quality of care regardless of the …show more content…

When an ethical issue arises with a nurse, it might make the nurse feel uncomfortable and when they provide patient care this could decrease the quality of care. Being aware of ethical issues and how to handle them will increase the quality of care. Educating the nurse on ethical issues and discussing these issues will help the nurse feel more comfortable. By following the code of ethics and remembering the ethical principles the nurse can guide themselves through hard decision against their own person values, opinions, and beliefs. Each and every nurse should treat each patient with respect of autonomy, beneficence, and justice because; in any situation the quality of care should never change. Regardless of any ethical issue, nurses are there to be nonjudgmental and provide

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