Ethical Principles Of Chocoholics Anonymous

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The principles of long-term self-interest, utilitarian benefits, and religious injunctions, along with all ethical principles, ultimately lead to the support the stakeholders. We strongly stand by the fact that Chocoholics Anonymous is more than just an instrument for generating money, and our long-term self-interest must reflect that. Long-term self-interest is an ethical principle that holds that you should never take any action that is not in your or your organization’s long-term self-interest (Williams, 2015, p.74). This principle is arguably the most important in our decision making. This is a fundamental ethical standard that could easily support the business’ profit being the most important for Chocoholics Anonymous’ future. However,…show more content…
The principle of utilitarian benefits is an ethical principle that holds that you should never take any action that does not result in greater good for society (Williams, 2015, p.76). We must take this principle beyond what is best for Iowa City as a whole, but also what would benefit the greatest amount of people within the Chocoholics Anonymous community. We believe that not firing a full-time employee would support both communities. As stated before, officials from the local chamber of commerce and local economic development group asked to minimize layoffs, for they feel that would be best for the community as a whole. Jeremy Bentham, grandfather of utilitarianism, remind us that utility is impartial and agent-neutral (Driver, 2009). This simply means that everyone’s prosperity counts the same. Your wants cannot take precedence over the effect our actions will have on our current employees’ well-being. There is a strong argument that the firing of one of our full-time employees would negatively affect the workplace environment. The managers are already working overtime, and putting forth tremendous effort. It would only create additional stress, and deplete the overall good, by firing his associate. We should be cautioned by how this apprehension could easily be passed down to the part-time employees, and the overall negative effect it could have…show more content…
We find it more beneficial to focus on the stakeholders because down the road we must ensure that we continue to increase profits. If the company is still able to create revenue, the company should keep higher positions in order to ensure a smooth order of business and job stability. It is important to think of the community and the primary stakeholders when proposing a business plan because their positive outlook of Chocoholics Anonymous is needed to create a profit. In a discussion written by Waldkirch, he discusses the models of shareholders and stakeholders. He responded that the shareholder’s model was not as strong as the stakeholder’s model because “Corporations cannot be successfully managed in the long run against the interests of its stakeholders” (Waldkirch, 2008, p. 7). His ideas support our concern for the long-term consequences of our decision, and they confirm our choice to focus on the interests of the stakeholders. Many companies have adopted a strategy of ethical behavior coming before profits and been very successful. For example, 28% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted a strategy of ethical behavior being a top priority and almost all of these companies are the most successful of the
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