Ethical Principles Of Justice As Fairness In The Workplace

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My primary ethical principle that I most practice is justice as fairness. I think that in everything a manager does they should be fair and everything they do should be executed with the utmost of justice as well as fairness. The pros of my ethical principle are that the employees come out ahead if something goes awry within the company. If a company I ran were to hit a financial crisis due to something that an executive in my company made, I would have to choose the fairest thing to do for not only that executive employee that made the said decision, but the fairest decision for all employees within the company. My primary ethical principle would create a balance in a state of crisis and establish the company’s values to the employees by not only what is written in them but also by the company’s actions. In Justice and fairness, another pro is that one employee will be treated just as equally as another employee, which will eliminate the possibility of discrimination against any employee. Each person can appreciate getting treated equally as another employee on the basis that both employees doing the same job is no better or worse than another unless judged on production. Establishing justice and fairness in the workplace will instill fair behavior and others would be encouraged to follow suit by treating others as equally as they would like to be treated. Almost everyone can appreciate getting treated as they treat others because it will inspire them to be better on their
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