Ethical Problem In Counselling

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An Ethical Problem can be defined as when a professional is faced or/placed in a situation in which the decision could possibly affect the client negatively, thus this ethical problem forces the counsellor/professional to reflect on what the right thing to do is under the specific circumstances (Allan, 2011). The case study stated that Thumi wants to continue having intercourse with Anthony as normal whilst knowing that she is HIV positive, this is the ethical problem. By having this information (that Thumi is HIV positive and what she intends to do leads to the ethical dilemma.
The journal of American psychotherapy stipulated that counsellors are frequently faced with dilemmas, how they respond to these situations can either be ethical or
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Confidentiality is a condition in which the participant’s identities are kept in confidence (McIntyre, 2005). Basically confidentiality is limited when the client poses a threat to another individual via violent behaviour or infringing on the individuals basic human rights (e.g. Anthony and other possible sexual partners in the future) (James & Gilliland, 2013). Informed consent is an agreement that is usually in written format (like a contract), that the client signs after being informed of confidentiality, and what the possible consequences are if the limitations have been broken (Wilson & MacLean, 2011). Thus by doing the confidentiality and informed consent in the pre-test counselling it would minimise the odds of the counsellor to mislead Thumi in any way to disclose any information that could be harmful towards herself, thus it will assist her in her decision making later on in the post-test…show more content…
Therefore personal morals are what one believes to be right and fair based on one’s own sense not based on what the law says nor what one’s duties are as a professional (Turnbull, et al., 2010). My personal morals would interfere with Thumi in that I do not agree on what she is currently considering; not to disclose her status with Anthony and to have intercourse with him knowing that she is HIV positive, this would be a challenge for me as a counsellor. I will be challenged with feelings of frustration and resentment, as I believe that she needs to be honest with Anthony not only because she is his sexual partner and that by not disclosing her status to him will possibly inflict harm onto herself and onto others. I do not agree with her to keep her status from him, because she is putting his physical health at risk by having intercourse with him without using protection, and he might have sexual relations with other individuals as well, so if he is also HIV positive and
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