Ethical Problems Of Nike

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NIKE. INC has always been the brand of tomorrow, seeking to find new interesting ways to captivate and capture the hearts and minds of both young and old alike. It all began in the 1960s when Phil Knight along with his coach, Bowerman came together to form an enterprise. They first started off as Blue Ribbon Sports, which distributed shoes from Onitsuka Company from Japan and eventually became Nike, which means Goddess Of Victory in Greek. As of today, this American multinational company has gone beyond mere shoes distributor, ranging from the vast variety of sports shoe to sports equipment and attires. NIKE.INC’s striking motto “Just Do It” was always to inspire and motivate people. Their core belief is that “if you have a body, you are an…show more content…
This gives rise to certain problems, as there is a political pressure due to outsourcing jobs. The citizens of USA are currently facing problems in employment due to many of the jobs are being outsourced to other countries for cheaper labor. Hence, people started demanding more jobs to be brought back to the States, as they are unsatisfied with the amount of jobs choices available. This might affect Nike’s decision-making process, as they have always been operating under cheap labor cost. Besides that, there has been an exponential growth in imitation products throughout the years. Many companies and brands face this similar problem of counterfeit products being available to the public. Having this problem grow gradually, the profits of Nike drops greatly as many consumers would now look for “cheaper Nike” products. For example, consumers are able to get $60 for a counterfeit Nike whereas the authentic pair would have cost them about $120. It has been said that the growth of Nike was expected to grow from 4.5% in 2009 to 6.5% in 2012 (“Why Nike Will Outspace Sports Apparel Market Growth”, 2013). However, due to continuous support from the consumers in counterfeit products, this hinders the growth of Nike by a huge percentage. This counterfeit issue is like fighting against your own reflection as the competition is within similar products, one being the original product and the other being the fake
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