Ethical Social Movements

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Social movements, along with the social movement organizations help to raise money, clarify goals, and structure participation in the movement. A perfect example of this, is The Alzheimer’s’ Association. I am the President of the Student Veterans Club here on campus, and we did the Walk to end Alzheimer’s and helped raise $770. This is a social movement, a social organization that is doing well, and helping society.

Ritual is the same concept as a social movement however, they don’t have clarify goals, and the end justifies their means. The sad thing is, I understand that concept all too well. In the Army, it was all about completing the mission, getting the mission done. Do what you have to do to complete the mission. Sometimes, you did things that was not ethical, to complete it.
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The ethical decisions that is made in a social movement, and a ritual are different. A social movement, ethics plays a huge part, when you are thinking about your goals, you are thinking about the correct and ethical ways to complete that goal. A ritual, you are not looking at the ethical ways to complete it, you are just looking at the finished mission, and do whatever it takes to get to
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