Ethical Subjectivism Euthanasia

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Ethical subjectivism, also known as moral subjectivism, is a philosophical theory. This approach supports euthanasia in the sense of allowing the truth and rights of an individual to remain at a different level. Ethical subjectivism is a theory that suggests that moral truths are determined at an individual level, therefore making it your reality. Euthanasia is the painless killing of an aggressively tormented dying patient. I believe that euthanasia must be legal, and I agree with the whole logic and the procedure. I think that people should ultimately be relieved of torment because it goes against the virtues of being alive, it is your human right, it 'll benefit your loved ones not to witness you suffer any longer, and it should be considered treatment.
First, I believe in the virtues of life is the far meaning of being alive. What is life without virtues? It is hell, darkness, and death. For an individual to have limitations living through virtues is like a tree without fruit, or music without sound. It is only right to be
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Then, it 'll benefit your loved ones not to have to watch you not only die but to suffer while you are doing so. What helps anyone for one to experience hell on a death bed? Is it a death bed, or a torment bed? It 's a death bed, so let 's treat it as such by treating individuals to a peaceful one. We live, then die. It is inevitable, and can 't be reduced or avoided. It 'll benefit not only the patient but also those who love the patient as well.
Next, euthanasia should be considered treatment to those who need it. Someone who has an agonizing ailment requires treatment. If this painful disease leads down a road of death by misery, then it is only treatment to pass this patient away peacefully. We are doing justice by ending the pain, torment, and suffering. We must serve others and do to others like we would like for others to do for us. It is a treatment to medicate someone by putting them to a peaceful death if death is where they
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