Ethical Theories In Advertising

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1.0 Introduction
A very thorough and comprehensive analysis would be carried out here in the domain of ethics in advertising. The advertisement that would be selected here is the McDonalds advertisement. McDonald’s is a fast food company from the United States that is in the business of providing fast food products to consumers all around the world. McDonalds is one of the most successful companies in the world and it is the leader in the fast food industry. The company has an extensive presence in a large number of countries around the world. Part of its success is due to its wide product range, high brand recognition and its very effective marketing campaign. In this assignment, there will be an evaluation of the selected advertisement by McDonalds by applying four relevant ethical theories. The advertisement that is selected is an advertisement that depicts the advertising of a McDonald’s meal and children’s toys. The advertisement seems to be directed at children because it trying to attract young children by advertising its meals with the promise of free toys. There will be a commentary and justification about whether the advertisement is ethical or unethical from the perspective of four ethical theories.
2.0 Application of Relevant Ethical Theories
An analysis is now done on the relevant ethical theories with reference to the selected advertisement and its content. The selected theories for this discussion are the utilitarian theory, the rights theory, the justice
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