Ethical Value Of Abortion Essay

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The ethical value of abortion

Abortion can be legal and illegal, can be ethical or non ethical depending on the case itself. A lot of question you have in your mind when you hear the term abortion. Islam considered that abortion is not acceptable, unless medical reasons occur. The aim of this assignment is to explain and identify abortion in wide-range beliefs and thoughts, and discuss the porn’s and cons in ethical value of abortion related to nursing. “Ethics is the study of how the society can think, understand, and examine its norms and practices with regard to living a moral life” (nathaniel, 2008). Abortion is a term that deliver prematurely, end of pregnancy were the result shows no childbirth due to many reasons, divided into the medical need or to the mother self perception, so is abortion an ethical issue? It is considered an ethical dilemma? There are many opinion about how and when abortion can conduct. A wide-ranging agreement present, however, abortion is acceptable in the limit of medical issues as a result of miscarriage, birth defects or when it’s danger on the mother health.
Abortion can be useful in several ways, the presenting of medical reasons is enough to have the procedure. In some cases, there are a lot of women suffer from various medical conditions, which leads to threaten the life of the mother. Abortion helps relieve and
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Abortion carries several meaning, can be useful or harmful in many ways, can be legal and illegal, can be ethical but unethical in vary conditions. Abortion can be useful whenever the mother can have a medical issue, or any complication can put her life at risk. Abortion refused, if there’s a certain perception and thoughts of the mother or the family without a medical reason. Islam and UAE law refused abortion without illegal reason, but the question here where’s the fetus rights? He is also a human and he have the fundamental right to have a
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