Short Essay On Computer Ethics

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Computer Ethics In todays global world, the use of computers and mobile devices has become an important way individuals and companies interact. Many tasks can be accomplished by using technology that before seemed otherwise impossible. In order for this technology to be used properly, individuals and companies must use computers and mobile devices in an ethical manner. Thus, the idea of computer ethics comes into play. But what is Ethics? Ethics is a set of moral principles that govern the behavior of a group or an individual (techterms). So, computer ethics is simply a set of moral principles that regulate the use of computers. What is considered ethical can vary depending on if the computer is being used for personal use or for professional…show more content…
The internet gives us access to millions of different resources for learning new information. If for example one wanted to learn a new language, say Japanese, he or she would be able to learn a solid foundation from just the computer alone. Programs such as Rosetta Stone and even YouTube have revolutionized the way people learn new languages. YouTube is a great example for a way to learn new things on a computer. If one wanted to learn how to cook a specific meal or get help with math homework, all he or she would have to do is search for a video that would help solve the problem at hand. Likewise, another example of a positive personal use of a computer would be to use social media in a way that is responsible. Social media should not be used in a way that causes harm to others by saying degrading remarks. Cyberbullying has become an issue with social media and computers that has unfortunately harmed some individuals. Using social media in a way that helps and supports others would be an ethical use of one's computer. In addition, computers can serve as a great way to get informed about a news/crisis event, which can end up saving
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